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S2400 CASE

Hardhsell Case


The re-imagining of a classic Legendary sound with Modern features



• Sturdy 4-piece Steel/Aluminium enclosure.
• Mains Powered 100-250V AC.
• Dual Audio Engine: 12-Bit/26.04khz Lo-Fi Engine (Classic SP Sound) and 24-Bit/48khz Hi-Fi Engine
• Stereo Recording/Playback.
• Channels 1-8 Pannable to Main out L/R Channels 7+8 can be ‘linked’ to support stereo audio content.
• Headphone Output (9-10) w/independent monitoring of channels.
• Dedicated Microphone Pre-Amp.
• Looper Pedal Mode (with full duplex recording/playback).
• Record and overdub live audio during playback.
• USB Host & Device Ports: Connect usb thumb drives, keyboards, midi controllers directly into the SP2400.


Thousands of chords, Dozens of scales, Infinite possibilities



• MIDI controller with two-octave, lit keyboard
• 2.8″ Full Colour TFT LCD Screen
• 32 chord-modifier buttons, 8 push encoders
• 12 chord memory pads and ribbon controller
• Select from 588 standard and exotic scales
• 5 Pin MIDI In/Out, USB MIDI, Bluetooth MIDI
• SD-card slot, editable MIDI assignments
• 12 Zone touch sensitive ‘Ribbon’ for chord strumming and MIDI CC control.
• Flexible arpeggiator and chord-strum feature

S2400 Hardshell Case

Protect your S2400 with this beautiful hardshell case.

The S2400 Hardshell Case is professionally designed to protect your S2400 and allow you to travel with it safely, keep it protected against drops, scratches and liquids, making the most of your S2400’s portability.


s2400 case
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