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ISLA Instruments designs innovative instruments for musicians, composers and producers across all genres.

Our Story

Isla Instruments is an indie company from Florida, USA with a simple philosophy – to create unique musical tools with love and precision.

Brad Holland, a professional musician and studio technician for many years, formed the company in 2015 when he realised his passion lay in the combination of music, technology and electronics. Three months after the birth of his daughter Isla, the company was created.

The KordBot

The first product was Kordbot, a re-imagining of the MIDI controller. KordBot is a chord librarian, sophisticated arpeggiator and performance controller, devised to help musicians write better songs.

It was designed with the help of Bill Behrendt, an experienced music systems programmer going back to the days of the Commodore 64. KordBot is still in production and being improved today, showing a dedication to products beyond the initial release.

The S2400

We are working on our second product, the ambitious S2400 – a drum machine for the modern age, taking everything that is good about early digital samplers (that sound), and adding all the benefits that modern digital computing can provide.

It is early days, but the interest in this project has been overwhelming and humbling.

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Still operating out of Brad’s garage (for now), Isla Instruments strive to create tools that inspire musicians in their daily endeavours. We want our instruments to be an adventure, one that pushes us to new disciplines and greater creativity.

Why not join us for the ride?

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Want to get in touch? The best way to get the answers you need is by visiting our support page and opening a ticket. If your question can wait, there’s email at or you can use the form on our contact page.

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